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We provide the tools to make the internet work for you.

Digital Made Simple

AltoSky is more than just an internet provider. We offer digital marketing solutions for small businesses that make your life easier. Does your business need an updated, modern website? What about a brand logo? Is your business properly listed on the top online directories, like Google and Facebook? AltoSky can do all of that… and more!

Website Design + Development

We help many companies, small businesses, and start-ups create the best designs for their websites. We design and websites that are responsive, practical and mobile-friendly. Our tech-savvy team of designers and developers offers you perfect web spaces to meet your marketing goals.

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Since 1978

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Our certified experts can help you set up and manage your Digital Marketing campaigns.

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AltoSky will ensure your local business listing is accurate and up to date on 11 leading online business directories.

AltoSky can help register a website domain for you, ensuring an available URL is yours.

AltoSky offers custom website hosting on our secure network of servers.


Business Management and CRM Software


Email and Social Marketing Tools


Cloud Storage and Internal Messaging Tools

Business Marketing Tools

AltoSky is the business platform that you’ve always wanted. Easy-to-use, automated and intelligent – AltoSky lets you finally run your entire business in the cloud.

Experience the streamlined, integrated, and powerful software that easily allows you to connect all the moving parts of your business in one cloud-based platform.

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